Apply to the JD Program

Each year, we seek to create a community from among the best, brightest, and most academically oriented law school applicants. We are seeking students who are intellectually curious, lively, collegial, and rigorous in their academic approach. We look for students who will take their legal education seriously without taking themselves too seriously. Because we are preparing students to enter a multi-faceted profession, we look for multi-dimensional students with a wide range of talents, backgrounds, experiences, and accomplishments.

Application Requirements

Each year, we receive nearly 5,000 applications for our entering class of 180-195. The Admissions Committee takes a broad and holistic view of each applicant, believing that a simple formula cannot adequately measure an applicant's academic potential and contribution to the Law School community. Please review this section for an overview of the application process and the required materials.

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Apply Early Decision

If the University of Chicago Law School is your first choice, consider applying through our binding Early Decision program. If you wish to apply Early Decision, you may submit your application beginning on August 15. The deadline for the Early Decision program is December 1. The Admissions Office must receive all application materials on or before the deadline. Early Decision candidates will be notified of a decision by the end of the year.

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Apply Regular Decision

The Law School will begin accepting Regular Decision applications on August 15. The deadline for Regular Decision applications is March 1. The Admissions Committee issues decisions on a rolling basis and considers applications in the order that they are completed. It is in your best interest to apply as early as possible.

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Chicago Law Scholars Program

The Chicago Law Scholars Program is an initiative launched by the undergraduate College and the University of Chicago Law School available to current College students and College alumni. The Law School will begin accepting applications to the Chicago Law Scholars Program on August 15th. The deadline for Chicago Law Scholars applications is December 1st.

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