Admissions Interviews

The University of Chicago Law School is proud to include an interviewing program as a component of our application process. The interviewing component will complement the Law School’s holistic approach to evaluating applicants. Given our small class size, we are always seeking to build a class that will be diverse in every possible way, that will excel within our unique environment, and that will add to each students' law school experience. An interview will allow the Admissions Committee to learn more about an applicant’s background and personal story. It will also allow us to better assess an applicant’s communication skills, motivation, maturity, and contribution to the Law School as a student and as a member of our alumni community.

Interviews will be by invitation only. Although our goal is to interview as many potential members of our incoming class as possible, we will unfortunately not be able to offer interviews to all applicants.

Here are some basic facts about our interviewing program:

  • Applicants invited to interview will receive an email invitation from the Admissions Committee, which will provide instructions on scheduling the interview. 
  • Interview invitations will be sent after an application has received an initial review. Applicants will then have seven (7) days (or such other time as indicated by the Admissions Committee in its interview request) to schedule an interview.
  • If an applicant has not scheduled an interview within the time indicated by the Admissions Committee in the interview invitation, the applicant's file will be returned to review and will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee without an interview. 
  • If an applicant chooses to interview with a member of the Admissions Committee, the applicant's file will not be further evaluated for admission until after the completion of the applicant's interview.
  • All interviews will be conducted by members of the Admissions Committee.
  • We will conduct all interviews by Skype. Applicants with disabilities in need of a reasonable accommodation to complete the interview should email  
  • Interviews will last 20 minutes. If time permits, the interviewer will leave a few minutes at the end for your questions. 
  • You should continue to monitor the status of your application through the Online Status Checker. Your status will reflect that you have been invited to interview, that you have scheduled your interview, and that your application has been returned to review after your interview is complete. 
  • Please check your various email folders as the invitation may be sent to a Promotions or Spam folder. 

Be sure to read the FAQs to learn more about the Admissions Interviewing Program.