FAQs: Resume

May I submit a resume that is more than one page?

Yes, your resume may be more than one page. We do not want you to leave out anything important. You can go into more detail than you would in a typical resume for employment (use your judgment though; very rarely does one need more than 2-3 pages).

What is the Admissions Committee looking for in the resume?

The Admissions Committee is looking for evidence of a strong work ethic, social and professional engagement, and some combination of community service, extracurricular involvement, or work experience. We are also interested in seeing leadership experience and how you contribute to your academic, professional, and social environment. Your resume helps us get to know you better and learn more about your interests and experiences. It also helps to put your undergraduate performance in context.

Is there a particular format I should use?

There is no required format, but your resume should look professional in the same way it would if you were applying for a job (though resumes for law school applications are often more detailed). Proofread carefully and remove the record of track changes. Please include the number of hours per week spent on each employment experience or activity.

Should I include non-legal employment or activities?

Absolutely. Your resume should not be limited to legal-related employment or activities. We want to see all of your work experience and activities to gain a more holistic picture of you. Please include the number of hours per week spent on each employment experience or activity.

Do I need to include my GPA or test scores on my resume?

No. These numbers will be included in your CAS report. Do not waste space on your resume with these numbers. 

Want more resume tips?

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