Chicago Law Scholars Program

UChicago campus

The Chicago Law Scholars Program is an initiative launched by the undergraduate University of Chicago College and the University of Chicago Law School. It provides an opportunity for current University of Chicago College students and alumni who want to study law at the University of Chicago to complete the application early and receive an expedited decision.

Applicants to the Chicago Law Scholars Program must submit a completed application and all application materials on or before December 1. Chicago Law Scholars applicants will receive an expedited admissions decision by the end of December.

The Chicago Law Scholars Program is only available to current University of Chicago undergraduate students and alumni of the undergraduate College. Graduate students or alumni of other University of Chicago programs are not eligible to apply to the Chicago Law Scholars Program but are welcome to apply to our binding Early Decision program if UChicago Law is their first choice.

Successful applicants will receive a scholarship of at least $150,000 as part of their financial aid package. Admission under the Chicago Law Scholars Program is binding and applicants must commit to matriculating at the Law School if admitted. Applicants to the Chicago Law Scholars Program must complete the Early Decision Agreement with the application and will be bound by the same terms that govern Early Decision admission.

Make sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on how the Early Decision process works. The Early Decision process applies to applicants applying under the Chicago Law Scholars Program.

The University of Chicago is committed to ensuring the breadth and depth of our intellectual community. From undergraduates to alumni, and within all our graduate and professional divisions, students are encouraged to cross disciplines and embrace new levels of academia.

History of UChicago Law Scholars

In 2012, the College and Law School announced the beginning of the Chicago Law Scholars Program, a special early admission opportunity available only to members of the University of Chicago College academic community. This special admissions program will encourage College students and alumni to remain part of the University of Chicago by providing applicants early admission and merit scholarships to the Law School. With the University of Chicago Law School ranked among the top four law schools in the nation, this partnership offers our students a unique ability to pursue a legal education in the same rigorous, intellectual community they have already come to call home.


The program is open to all UChicago College students and alumni. College students may apply during the Fall Quarter of their final year at the College and will matriculate at the Law School after completing their undergraduate education. College alumni are also eligible to apply the year before they intend to matriculate to the Law School.


Applicants must complete the application on or before December 1, and will receive an admissions decision by the end of December. Applicants will receive the added benefit of having their admissions decision from UChicago in advance of the application deadlines at many other institutions.


Students admitted under the Chicago Law Scholars Program will be awarded a merit scholarship of at least $150,000.00 over three years.


Acceptance is binding.

Selection & Admission

The Chicago Law Scholars Program is competitive and represents a commitment to accepting bright and talented students and alumni with promising futures in law. The evaluation and selection of candidates will mirror the regular admissions process in that it will involve a holistic review of all components of the applicant’s file and qualifications; the Law School will not establish any minimum standardized test score or GPA requirements for admissions.