Chicago Law Scholars Program

Chicago Law Scholars Program

The Chicago Law Scholars Program is an initiative launched by the undergraduate University of Chicago College and the University of Chicago Law School. It provides an opportunity for current University of Chicago College students and alumni who want to study law at the University of Chicago to complete the application early and receive an expedited decision.

Deadline: Applicants to the Chicago Law Scholars Program must submit a completed application and all application materials on or before December 1 with one exception: If an applicant is taking the November LSAT, we will allow the applicant to submit the November score after the December 1 deadline. However, all other application materials must be submitted by December 1. Chicago Law Scholars applicants will receive an expedited admissions decision by the end of December.

The Chicago Law Scholars Program is only available to current University of Chicago undergraduate students and alumni of the undergraduate College. Graduate students or alumni of other University of Chicago programs are not eligible to apply to Chicago Law Scholars, but are welcome to apply to our binding Early Decision program if UChicago Law is their first choice.

Successful applicants will receive a scholarship of at least $150,000 as part of their financial aid package.  Admission under the Chicago Law Scholars Program is binding and applicants must commit to matriculating at the Law School if admitted. Applicants to the Chicago Law Scholars Program must complete the Early Decision Agreement with the application and will be bound by the same terms that govern Early Decision admission.

Make sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on how the Early Decision process (which applies to all applicants applying under the Chicago Law Scholars Program) works.

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