Organizations & Committees

2019-2020 Diversity Committee

William Hubbard, Chair & Professor of Law

Lois Casaleggi, Associate Dean of Career Services

Christopher Clarke, Director of Diversity and Inclusion 

Sharon Fairley, Professor from Practice

Claudia M. Flores, Associate Clinical Professor of Law, Director, International Human Rights Clinic

Richard H. McAdams, Deputy Dean, Bernard D. Meltzer Professor of Law

Jennifer Nou, Professor of Law 

Ann K. Perry, Associate Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid

Charles N. Todd, Dean of Students

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Feedback for the Law School Diversity Committee

Student Liaison Committee

The Student Liaison Committee will work closely with the Diversity Committee on implementation of the March 26, 2018 Recommendations. In addition to providing student comments and feedback to the Diversity Committee, the Student Liaison Committee will work closely with the Diversity Committee and Director of Diversity and Inclusion.

For questions related to the Student Liaison Committee, please email

Diversity Leadership Network (DLN)

The Diversity Leadership Network (DLN) is a cross-organizational advocacy group composed of executive board leaders from affinity student organizations at the Law School. This group convenes monthly with the Director of Diversity and Inclusion to discuss a wide range of topics including student climate, faculty engagement, community engagement and workshops/events. 

For questions related to the Diversity Leadership Network, please email