Law School Diversity Committee

In summer of 2016, the University of Chicago Law School Faculty Diversity Committee was convened by Dean Thomas Miles to assess the diversity and inclusion climate at the Law School, with a focus on the experience of students.  The Committee consisted of seven members, including members of the research and clinical faculty, the Deputy Dean, the Dean of Students, the Associate Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid, and the Associate Dean for Career Services and Policy Initiatives.

Throughout the 2016-2017 academic year, the Diversity Committee engaged in fact gathering with the Law School community, hosting listening sessions and town halls with all of the Law School’s constituencies, in addition to reviewing information related to admissions, faculty diversity, and other aspects of the Law School experience. The Diversity Committee continued its work into the 2017-2018 academic year, developing a series of recommendations for moving the Law School forward on topics of diversity and inclusion. On March 26, 2018, Dean Miles announced and fully endorsed the 2016-2017 Diversity Committee’s recommendations, including making the Diversity Committee a standing committee for the Law School.

2018-2019 Diversity Committee

Emily Buss, Co-Chair & Mark and Barbara Fried Professor of Law

Claudia M. Flores, Assistant Clinical Professor of Law, Director, International Human Rights Clinic

William Hubbard, Co-Chair & Professor of Law

Richard H. McAdams, Deputy Dean, Bernard D. Meltzer Professor of Law

Ann K. Perry, Associate Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid

Charles N. Todd, Dean of Students

Abbie Willard, Associate Dean for Career Services and Policy Initiatives

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