Student Activities

The year during the LLM is certainly one of significant study and research.  But it is also about expanding horizons, making friends and having unique experiences. Below are just some of the amazing activities that our students participate in outside of the classroom each year.

Student Organizations

Your life on campus is a reflection of your interests and talents. The Law School is home to more than 60 student organizations with a wide variety of purposes—you will find student groups focused on public service or particular legal specialties, ethnic and religious identification or political agenda, purely social pursuits or campus involvement and many other things. The umbrella student government for the Law School is the Law Students Association, and new student groups are always being formed to meet the changing needs of the student body. From lunchtime lectures to evening get-togethers, student organizations provide students with a constant stream of engaging and fun activities.

You can browse through all the student organizations. The University also has a wide variety of Recognized Student Organizations that law students are welcome to join.

National Dinners

These events are designed to encourage LLM students to have some social events focusing on their respective cultures. The Law School will provide a subsidy of up to $750 to the organizers of any dinner with a national or regional theme and food to which all of the LLM students in the Program are invited to attend.

International Fellows Program

The purposes of the program are to bring LLM students into the social networks of JD students, give JD students an opportunity to develop friendships with lawyers from all over the world, and have both groups experience some of the activities available in Chicago. The LLM class is broken down into groups of seven or eight students. These groups are arranged so that the membership in each group will include LLM students from as many different countries and regions as possible. Each group also has four JD student organizers, known as International Fellows. Each group will be given a budget of $1000 to spend on their activities over the course of the year. Each group will decide how it wants to spend its money. Ideally, the JD students will have a list of activities to suggest at the outset and all of the members of the group will discuss what activities they would like to do.

Lunch Talks

Lunch Talks are a long standing tradition at the law school.  During these events faculty as well as outside speakers come to the law school to present on a wide variety of unique topics.  Students are provided a free lunch and the opportunity to listen and interact with the speakers.

We do not keep a running list of speakers or topics as there are so many from year to year, but this list from 2019 provides a good idea of both speakers and topics.

Wine Mess

Wine Mess, the Law School's popular social event, offers students a few non-academic hours near the end of the week. An extensive array of domestic and imported beers, wines and soft drinks are available. The first two drinks are free. Snacks are always on the house, as is the music.

Each Wine Mess event is sponsored by a different group or has a unique theme.  You can follow this link for a list of past events.  The Global Diversity Wine Mess is always particularly popular amongst the LLM!

Coffee Mess

Every Wednesday morning the law school offers students, faculty and staff a free breakfast of coffee, juice, bagels, donuts and other treats. Coffee Mess gives students, faculty and staff the opportunity to mingle in a relaxed atmosphere outside of class and away from books.

Pumpkin Carving

Each year LLM students gather together in the Green Lounge to participate in that most American of fall traditions, pumpkin carving!!  Students celebrate Halloween together on campus by showing off their carving creativity. 


Many LLM students decide to participate in a wide variety of sporting activities.  One of the highlights is both the men's and women's soccer (football/futbol) matches against rival Northwestern!

There are also many opportunities to participate in intramural sports with other UChicago students.