Important Dates

The dates provided below are intended to give prospective applicants a general idea of the application/review/response sequence. The date an application is reviewed by the Graduate Studies Committee will have no impact on the Committee’s decision; each application will have a full review once it is completed.  Candidates who wish to receive decisions on their applications in the initial group of messages sent out around February 15 should pay attention to the priority submission and completion deadlines described below.

September 1—Application materials for the subsequent year become available on the LSAC web page.

October 15—The Graduate Studies Committee begins reviewing completed applications. The review of individual applications is just the first step in the process. The second step takes place in late January and early February, once most of the applications have been reviewed. At that point we look at the decisions as a group to see if we are putting together a diverse and interesting class taking into account such factors as nationality, career history, current occupation, educational background, academic interest, etc.

December 15Priority application SUBMISSION deadline. On or before this date candidates should have submitted to the LSAC LLMCAS: application for admission, personal statement, and resume. This is not a completion deadline - see February 1 below.   Candidates may apply after December 15. They do not need to ask permission to do this. Candidates who do apply after December 15 should include with their personal statements an explanation about why they did not apply before the deadline.

February 1Priority application COMPLETION deadline. Applicants who have completed applications (application for admission, personal statement, resume, transcripts, TOEFL/IELTS scores, and letters of recommendation) by February 1 should receive decisions on their applications in the initial group of messages sent out around February 15. Applications completed after February 1 will be fully reviewed once they are complete, but those candidates should understand that, as a practical matter, the later we review a completed application, especially if it is substantially later, the less likely we will be able to offer admission. This timing varies from year to year, and it is impossible to predict ahead of time when we will have to stop offering admission to candidates.

February 15—By this date initial decisions—admit, deny, or waiting list—will be sent simultaneously by email to all applicants whose applications were complete by February 1. This decision date will vary from year to year depending on the application review process and applicants will be notified several days in advance as to when the decisions will be sent.

March 15—Financial aid decisions will be sent out from the Law School on or before this date.

April 1—All admitted applicants must make their initial responses to our offers on or before this date.

May 1—$500 seat deposit is due.

June 15—All required visa documentation for students who plan to enroll in September must be submitted to the Law School on or before this date.