Law Students Association (LSA)

Currently Active

The Law Students Association (LSA) is the Law School's student government.  It is comprised of five elected representatives from each class, plus one elected LL.M. representative and one elected transfer student representative.  Each April, students going into their second and third years elect the LSA President and their class representatives for the following years.  LSA fills the remaining officer positions from the elected representatives.  Elections for the entering classes are held in the early fall of each academic year. 

LSA has weekly meetings that are open to all students.  Meeting minutes are shared to the entire Law School community via the LSAOrgs listserv each week. 

LSA plans several school-wide events that allow students to socialize outside of the Law School.  LSA oversees the Law School's student organizations, including allocating funds to student groups and working with students wishing to create new student groups. 

LSA representatives also work with the Law School Administration as it makes strategic and institutitional planning decisions. 

LSA welcomes all student concerns and suggestions.