Career Services

At the University of Chicago we provide LLM students with a number of tools to help develop their career path.  Students meet with career advisors, network with potential employers and other professionals, have their resume and cover letters reviewed, and receive guidance on how to make the most of the year at Chicago.

It is important to point out that every year a number of LLM students look to stay in the United States to work.  While we will help to provide as many pathways as possible, the reality is that only a very small number of students finally do find full time employment in the US.  Therefore, it is important to keep an open mind to the different opportunities available during and after the program. 

Some of the channels and tools provided to our students are listed below.

Overseas Trained LLM Interview Program

During the program students have the opportunity to participate in the Overseas Trained LLM Interview Program which takes place in February in New York.  Employers from around the globe come to New York City to interview LLM students.  The event is hosted and organized by Columbia University and will be attended by LLM students from Chicago, Columbia, Harvard, Michigan, Stanford, Virginia and Yale. 

Mock Interviews, Resume and Cover Letter Reviews

Career service advisors work very closely with LLM students to review resumes, polish cover letters and provide mock interviews so that students are ready for their job search and speaking with US firms and companies.  

LLM Alumni Mentorship Program

For those students that wish to participate, we will match them with a former UChicago LLM student who will act as a mentor during the program and hopefully beyond.

Receptions, Resume Collections & Networking Events

Throughout the academic year there will be numerous events hosted by law firms, UChicago alumni and stakeholders where students have the chance to expand their professional connections.  Occasionally we are also asked by employers to send along resumes of students from particular countries or with specific language skills.