Class Schedules

Instruction Mode Definitions

In-Person – Courses in which instruction between instructors and students occur in-person. Students must attend classes in-person.

Remote – Courses where instruction is delivered remotely.

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2022-2023 Schedule Updates

Autumn 2022

  • Cross Border Transactions with Tarek Sultani is now running from October 17-20 (previously October 3-6)
  • Added Islamic Law taught by Shamshad Pasarlay on Thursdays 4-6pm. Biddable class
  • Added Global Human Rights Clinic with Anjli Parrin on Wednesdays 4-6pm. Biddable clinic
  • Added Art Law with Hirschel/Landes on Wednesdays 4-6pm. Biddable class
  • For now, manual waitlists have been started for live registration classes that filled including: Conflict of Laws (Baude), Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Web3 (Malani/Zhang), Employment Law Clinic (Schmidt), Criminal and Juvenile Justice Clinic (Conyers), Institute for Justice Clinic (Gryczan/Kregor), Civil Rights Clinic (Futterman). To be added to any of these waitlists, please email
  • New Autumn class: Cybercrime (Driscoll/Ridgway) will now be offered in autumn on Thursdays from 4-6PM (instead of winter). The class will be available for autumn registration when add/drop opens at 12:30PM on Friday, September 9.
  • Institute for Justice Clinic (Gryzczan/Kregor) is opening 4 new seats when add/drop opens at 12:30PM on Friday, September 9.
  • Pandemic Legal Impacts (Elizabeth Sheyn Brown) is changing the class time to 6:10-8:10PM, but will still meet on Mondays.
  • Class cancelled: Privacy and Modern Policing (Didwania). Class will likely be offered in winter 2023.
  • Class cancelled: Cybercrime (Driscoll/Ridgway). Class will likely be offered in spring 2023.
  • Class cancelled: Private Law Theory (Lewinsohn).
  • Class cancelled: Secured Transactions (Lewinsohn). Class will be offered by Professor Baird with many make-up sessions on Tuesdays 8:30-9:35 a.m.
  • Mass Incarceration (Jones) has been moved to Wednesdays 4-6PM.
  • Religious Liberty (Walsh) is now variable 2-3 credits. Paper may meet WP requirement.
  • Class cancelled: Employee Benefits Law (Mowery/Wolf)
  • Class cancelled: Corporate Compliance and Business Integration (Deegan). The class will likely be offered in spring.
  • Corporate Boards (Kamerick). Paper may meet WP requirement.

Winter 2023

  • Workshop: Regulation of Family, Sex, and Gender (Case) moved from Thursdays to Wednesdays 4-6PM.
  • Advanced Evidence: Key Legal Principles and Their Practical Application (Patton) was moved from Spring to Winter 2023 quarter.
  • Privacy and Modern Policing (Didwania) moved from Autumn to Winter 2023 quarter.
  • Seminar added: Environmental and Energy Justice (Templeton)
  • Course cancelled: Toxics, Toxic Torts and Environmental Injustice (Templeton)
  • Advanced Antitrust: Mergers and Acquisitions (Posner) switched from a 3 credit course to a 2 credit seminar. Now scheduled on Mondays from 4-6PM.
  • Class cancelled: Chinese Law, Politics, and Society (Taisu Zhang)
  • At the request of the instructor, Employment Law Clinic is now meeting Tuesdays 1:30-3:15 p.m.
  • Bankruptcy and Reorganization (Casey) has been updated to a take-home exam
  • Energy Law (Macey) was moved to a larger room to increase class cap
  • Class cancelled: Capital Markets Transactions (Junewicz)

Spring 2023:

  • Workshop: Regulation of Family, Sex, and Gender (Case) moved to Wednesdays 4-6PM.
  • Gender Violence and the Law (Payne) moved to Mondays 4-6PM.
  • Cybercrime (Driscoll/Ridgway) is now being offered in Spring 2023.
  • Class cancelled: Legal Profession: Ethics in Government and Public Interest Legal Practice (Peters).
  • Corporate Compliance and Business Integration (Deegan) is now being offered in Spring 2023.
  • Class added: Writing for the Judiciary (Keller/Mortara).
  • Class added: Environmental Law in Bankruptcy and Transactions (Chun/Cohn). Remote class with some required in-person sessions.
  • Class added: Advanced Civil Procedure (Hubbard).
  • Class cancelled: Compliance and Regulatory Strategy in the Digital Age (Senatore)
  • Class added: Federal Habeas Corpus- (Meehan/Mortara)
  • Class added: Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Law (Liu)
  • Class added: Anti-Discrimination Law- Ossei-Owusu (6:10-8:40PM) Short class May 1-4 only
  • Class added: Constitutional Procedure (Feldbrin)
  • Class added: Legal Profession: Ethics (Morris)
  • Class added: Criminal Justice and Human Rights in China (Teng Biao)
  • Class cancelled: Employment Discrimination Law (Greene)
  • Class added: Professional Responsibility: Representing Business Organizations (Hazel/Koski/Kuhns)
  • Class cancelled: Retail Law and Transactions (Afendoulis)
  • Class added: Crisis Communication: The Lawyer's Role in Advancing Client Interests - Katz/Wentz
  • Remote class: Education Law and Policy (S. Epstein) is now a remote class, but will have two required in person sessions