Class Schedules

Instruction Mode Definitions:

In-Person – Courses in which instruction between instructors and students occur in-person. Students must attend classes in-person.

Remote – Courses where instruction is delivered remotely.






2021-2022 Schedule Updates:

Spring 2022:

Cancelled class: How to Minimize and Investigate Trade Secret Theft (Murphy)

Cancelled class: Advanced Election Law (Nou)

Cancelled class: Administrative Law Theory and Practice (Gasaway)

Cancelled class: Fundamentals of In-House Counsel (Avratin/Zarfes/Lutz)

Cancelled class: International Business Transactions (D'Ambrosio)

Cancelled class: Writing for the Judiciary (Keller/Mortara)

Class added: Federal Habeas Corpus (Mortara)

Cancelled class: State Courts and Civil Justice Reform (Wilf-Townsend)

Cancelled class: Conflicts of Laws (Chilton)

Cancelled class: Education Law and Policy (S. Epstein)

Cancelled class: Patent Litigation (Cherny/Curran)

Modality update: Environmental Law in Bankruptcy and Transactions (Cohn-Conner, Chun) will be taught remotely

Modality update: Advanced Issues in Delaware Corporate Law (Chandler III) will be taught remotely

Cancelled class: Employment Discrimination Law (Greene)

Class day/time update: Antitrust (Posner) is now on Fridays from 3:30-7pm

Cancelled class: Labor Law (Henderson)

Class credit change: Mass Incarceration and Reform (Siegler) is now variable 2-3 credits

Winter 2022:

Added: Greenberg Seminar: Cheating (Anthony Casey and Erin Casey)

11.4.21 Added: Comparative Constitutional Design - REMOTE CLASS -  (Rodrigo Delaveau Swett)

11.30.21 Class modality update: Corporate Criminal Prosecutions and Investigations (Boutros) will now be REMOTE for the entire quarter


12.23.21 Since Legal Elements of Accounting (Sylla) is a short class ending on January 21, the class will be fully REMOTE

12.27.21 Class modality update: Advanced Trademarks and Unfair Competition (Doellinger) will now be REMOTE for the entire quarter

1.10.22 Class modality update: Advanced Topics in Moral, Political, and Legal Philosophy (Forster/Leiter) will be REMOTE for the entire quarter

1.20.22 Class modality update: Business Planning (Crow/Sexton) will remain REMOTE for winter


Autumn 2021:

8.20.21 Global Human Rights Clinic is now BIDDABLE

8.23.21 Seminar added: Advanced Evidence: Key Legal Principles and Their Practical Application (Patton) WED 9:45-11:45am

8.25.21 Global Human Rights Clinic has moved to Tuesday 9:45-11:45am

8.25.21 Admiralty Law (Schmidt) is now taking place in the Autumn quarter instead of Winter

8.26.21 Administrative Law (Nou) changed the exam type to a take-home exam

8.27.21 Greenberg Seminars added to the schedule, all registration will take place in autumn quarter ONLY! They are as follows: Wine and the Law (Ginsburg/Masur), Resignations (Doerfler/Fahey), Leadership from the Female Perspective (Henderson/Underwood), Race and Capitalism (Abebe/Huq), and The Law of Space (Fahey/Masur)

9.9.21 Cancelled: Structuring Financial Instruments

9.13.21 Cancelled: Advanced Evidence: Key Legal Principles and Their Practical Application