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Autumn 2023 Course Schedule - 1L and Upper Level

Winter 2024 Course Schedule - 1L and Upper Level

Spring 2024 Course Schedule -1L and Upper Level

2023-2024 Schedule Updates

Autumn 2023:

-Workshop: Law and Philosophy: Advanced Topics in General Jurisprudence is now biddable. Students who have not taken Jurisprudence I need permission from the instructor before bidding on this workshop

-Class added: Advanced Civil Procedure (Patterson) will be biddable in autumn

-Writing and Research in the U.S. Legal System (LLMs only) (Gredsted) is now scheduled Thursdays 6:10-8:10PM

-Clinic added: Global Human Rights Clinic (Parrin) will be offered this year.

-Instruction Mode update: The Internet and Technology Industries (Grusd) will be taught remotely

-Corporate Boards (Kamerick) meets the experiential learning requirement, but NOT the writing WP requirement

-Class cancellation: Intellectual Property-based Finance and Investment - M. Friedman

Winter 2024:

-Class added: Public Corruption and the Law- Hoffman

-Class added: Marketing and Monetization (Doctoroff course)- Dubre/Misra

-Class added: European Union Law- Bunge

-Class added: Compliance and Regulatory Strategy- Senatore (Remote class with some required in-person sessions)

-Class cancelled: Pretrial Litigation- B. Fields

Class title/description change: Alison Siegler changed her seminar from Decarceration and Transformative Advocacy to Criminal Procedure, Decarceration, and Transformative Advocacy

-Experiential class added: Building Legal Change: Moving Advocacy Outside of Court- Hechinger/Poole

-The following classes updated their exam type to "in-class" to be taken at the Law School:

Fairley: Crim Pro I

Stone: Con Law III

Strauss- Con Law I

Lakier- Con Law II

LaCroix- American Legal History, 1607-1870

Picker- Antitrust

Davidson- Race and the Law

Spring 2024:

-Public Choice (Levmore) moved to MWTH 9:45-10:50

-Class added: Project Finance in Emerging Markets- Ramirez

-Class added: Colloquium on Law and Social Science- Fairley/Hubbard/Vargas

-Class added: Regulation of Drugs, Devices, Biologics, and Cosmetics- Bierig

-Class added: Tort Law and Moral Psychology- Petrov

-Federal Courts- Meehan/Mortara is now scheduled Mondays 6:10-7:30pm and Tuesdays 9:45-11:45am

-Class added: Mergers and Acquisitions- Junewicz Fridays 9:45-11:45am

-Class added: Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility- Giles/Lloyd: Tuesday/Friday 10:25am-12:10pm

-Classes cancelled: Education Law and Policy- S. Epstein, Fundamentals of In-House Counsel- Avratin/Kramer/Zarfes, International Business Transactions- D'Ambrosio, and Trial Advocacy- Cohen

-Class added: Negotiation- Ruiz

-Class added: Structuring Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Entrepreneurial Transactions- Carew/Crow

-Schedule Change: Administrative Law- Nou, is now meeting MWTH 1:30-2:35

-Class added: Digital Lawyering: Advocacy in the Age of AI- Barry

-Class cancelled: History and Theory of Policing in America- Rappaport

-Federal Courts - Mortara/Meehan, now counts towards the Core requirement

-Criminal Procedure I - Rappaport, enrollment cap is now 65, registration priority to 3Ls

-Cancelled: Digital Health Technologies and the Law (Parker)

-Schedule Change: Legal Scholarship Workshop - Bernstein, is now Wednesdays 4-6PM

-Digitial Lawyering: Advocacy in the Age of AI time changed by five minutes on each end, class time is now 1:25-3:25PM

-Class added: Investment Funds (Birdthistle), begins April 3, seminar Wednesdays 4-6:40PM

-Digitial Lawyering: Advocacy in the Age of AI (Barry) meets the experiential learning requirement

-Advanced Topics in Corporate Reorganizations (Baird/Sontchi) is now 2-3 variable credit

-Class cancelled: Employment Law - Whitehead