2L Bar Preparation

During your 2L, you can continue to compile your documents and begin researching the state(s) you are considering taking the bar exam in. You may start to take notes of any application eligibility requirements and deadlines. 

When will I take the bar exam?

Toward the end of your 2L year, it is recommended that you consider when to take the Bar exam. Many factors can go into deciding when to take the bar exam.

  • Will my employer require admission to the bar? If so, how soon?
  • How long will my bar exam score be accepted by a state?
    • Many states have limits to how long your bar exam score is valid for admission. If you have any plans to delay being admitted to the bar after you complete the bar exam, check how long your MPRE and Bar exam scores will be accepted by the state. 
  • When am I eligible to take the bar exam in the state I plan to be admitted?
    • Some states allow law students to take the bar exam if the student is within a certain time period or number of credits of obtaining their degree. If you would be interested in taking the bar exam prior to completing law school be sure to check this information can be found on the state's website.
  • You can also begin to check for the application requirements and deadlines for the bar exam in the state you plan on taking it in. Application deadlines are typically months in advance. Missing the deadline could mean incurring additional fees to take the exam or not being able to sit for that exam.
  • Many states will have the required application forms online. Look over the forms to see if you have collected all the necessary information for the application. If not, continue to collect your documentation.


Have you registered for the MPRE? If not, please plan to take the MPRE sooner rather than later. Delaying the MPRE can cause delays in your admittance to the Bar. The MPRE is not as strenuous as the bar exam and students can adequately prepare for the exam while in classes. 

The MPRE is offered 3 times a year in in March, August, and November.