3L Bar Preparation

Complete your application early!

The earlier you apply the less you need to stress and can focus on school. Check the state’s deadlines and apply early to give you more time to determine any issues and have them remedied. Applying early can also save you money!


Requesting accommodations involves extra paperwork and documentation for your bar exam application. Some states allow applicants to submit the accommodations request prior to the bar exam application. We recommend you look up the state’s accommodations process and begin completing the application or collecting the necessary documentation. Delaying this step could mean you are not able to receive accommodations for your exam. 

Complete the Bar Authorization Form

Most states will require documentation from the Law School to verify successful completion of your degree. To promote timely completion of required forms, the Registrar’s Office asks that students planning to apply to a State Bar complete the Bar Authorization Form so that we can send the required documentation to the states. 

Laptop Program

For most states, in order to be approved to use a laptop for the Bar exam, applicants must register to use a personal laptop for the exam. Each state will set rules and procedures for registration, so consult the jurisdiction’s webpage for the most up to date instructions. Review these considerations:

Fingerprint Requirement

Some states will require applicants to be fingerprinted as part of their Bar application. How and when applicants submit their fingerprints will differ between states. Be sure to check your state's website and application instructions to determine if you need to submit fingerprints and how/when you should do so.