Understanding Your Award Letter

Understanding Your Award Letter

Financial Aid processes applications in chronological order, based on the date received. After reviewing and processing your application, we will send you an award letter by email. The letter will list the amount(s) you have been offered and the quarters in which the funds will be available to you. Please refer to the Application Processing Timeline above for details on when letters are emailed.

Accepting Your Awards Online

Your award letter outlines your financial assistance for this academic year. You may accept, decline, and/or reduce your award in your portal at my.UChicago.edu.

Students cannot accept their GradPLUS Loan eligibility in my.UChicago. You may, however, decline your GradPLUS eligibility if you choose not to borrow this loan. Students who wish to apply for the GradPLUS loan must complete the Federal Direct PLUS Loan Application at studentloans.gov after receiving their financial aid award letter. New Grad PLUS borrowers must also complete the Federal Direct PLUS Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) and entrance counseling at studentaid.gov. Once we receive your completed and approved Federal Direct PLUS Application, we will accept the loan on your behalf.

Your loan funds will not disburse to your account if you have not accepted your award(s) or completed the required documents listed on your award notification.

Receipt of Additional Assistance

It is your responsibility to report any additional assistance (grants, tuition assistance, scholarships, outside sources, etc.) you will receive to Financial Aid that aren’t listed on your award letter. You may report this assistance in your my.UChicago portal. We may need to adjust your financial aid award based on the aid reported.

Your Obligation

Notify the Law Financial Aid Office if you have any enrollment change.  

Tuition Bill

If your application is incomplete, your funds will not disburse to your tuition account. Contact us if you believe your application is incomplete. Important note: your advance tuition bill will be credited with the estimated amount of your Federal Direct Stafford Loan and will not reflect deductions for origination and guarantee fees.

You can view tuition billing dates and information the Bursar's website.

Availability of Funds/Refunds

Loan funds are disbursed to your student account at the beginning of each quarter you are enrolled. Refunds resulting from excess student loan funds are generally available beginning the first week of the quarter, provided you are enrolled at least h9 hours. At the beginning of each quarter, you should be prepared to support yourself until your loan funds become available.

 Please visit the Bursar’s website for more information regarding refunds.