Outside Scholarships

We encourage you to apply for as many outside scholarships as are appropriate, as each dollar received reduces your debt load. The below databases and search engines can help you start your search process. 

You should never have to pay to submit an outside scholarship application or have scholarship funding released. Be judicious when sharing information with a scholarship awarding agency; you should not have to share your personally-identifiable information (social security number, ITIN, etc) during the application process. We also encourage you to pay close attention to the terms and conditions of awarded outside scholarship funding to be sure you can meet any requirements, such as event attendance, professional affiliations, etc. 

The Financial Aid Office will periodically receive notification about outside scholarship opportunities from external awarding agencies. We will notify students through the weekly Student Services newsletter as we receive information about these opportunities. Awarding agencies who have outside scholarship opportunities for our students should send the scholarship information to the Financial Aid Office at financialaid@law.uchicago.edu.

Reporting Receipt of Outside Scholarship Funding

The Bursar's Office receives and processes scholarship funding and will alert the Financial Aid Office once the funding is ready to be added to your financial aid package. More information about sending outside scholarship funding to the University can be found on the Bursar's website; please share the link to the Bursar's website with your scholarship awarding agency. Students who are sent scholarship funding directly by their awarding agency for tuition and/or fee charges should follow the instructions outlined on the above Bursar website to send the funding to the University. 

It is your responsibility to report any outside assistance (grants, tuition assistance, scholarships, outside financial resources, etc) you will receive that isn't listed on your financial aid package. This includes funding you may receive directly from the awarding agency to cover any living expenses. You can report this assistance in your my.UChicago portal by navigating to "My Financial Aid" and clicking "Report Aid from Other Sources". The financial aid packages of those students who have notified the Financial Aid Office of awarded outside scholarship funding will include these awards. An outside scholarship, seen as a fully available financial resource, is used to determine the amount a student is eligible to borrow either from federal or private sources.