How the Aid Process Works

There is a lot that goes into the financial aid process but below is a brief overview of the key items in the process. Remember that the Office of Financial Aid is available to help answer any questions you have about the process or requirements.

How Aid is Determined

Financial aid packages are compiled on an individual basis. Law students are offered loan funding to cover the full cost of attendance for the given academic year, after accounting for institutional funding or reported external funding (including outside scholarships). 

Aid Application Steps

Students who want to apply for federal student loan funding can find more information about the process on our Apply for Aid webpage. In addition to these steps, admitted students who would like to have their financial need considered during the scholarship determination process should consult our Admissions webpage for more information. 

Continuing students who would like to reapply for federal student loans must complete the FAFSA for the given academic year.

Students who want to borrow private student loans can find more information about the private student loan process on our Private Student Loan webpage.

Once you have applied for financial aid, the Financial Aid Office will process your application and reach out regarding any outstanding steps. Once your aid package is ready to review, you'll receive an email notification from our office. You can find more information about understanding and responding to your aid package on our website.

Financial Aid Disbursement

Scholarship and loan funding is disbursed (or paid out) by the University to your student account, where your tuition and fees are billed each quarter. Students with stipend funding will receive this funding via Workday, the University's payroll system. You can find more information about financial aid disbursements on our website, as well as on the Bursar's Office website.

Students also have the option to return unneeded loan funding to your loan servicer through the Financial Aid Office. 

Maintaining Continued Aid Eligibility

Students receiving federal student loans must demonstrate satisfactory academic progress to continue receiving loan funding during their degree program. If you change your enrollment or plan to take a leave of absence or withdraw from the Law School, there are impacts to your financial aid. The Bursar's Office maintains the University policies with regards to tuition adjustments due to a leave of absence or withdrawal.

Make Changes to Your Financial Aid

You may sometimes find that the amount of loan funding you originally accepted needs to be adjusted for a variety of reasons. Federal student loans are flexible and in most cases, your loan funding be adjusted during the academic year.

If you find that you need additional loan funding but have already received aid equal to your cost of attendance, you may have options to appeal your cost of attendance with the Financial Aid Office and open room for additional loan funding.

Preparing for Graduation and Loan Repayment

Students do not begin repaying federal student loans until they graduate, leave school, or drop below half-time enrollment. We have more information on our website about loan repayment options, considerations for those going into public service roles, and consolidation and refinancing.