4. Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal regulations require all graduate students who receive Title IV Federal student aid (loans, workstudy, and grants) to make satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward completion of their degree in order to continue receiving student aid.

Three Components To Maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress:

  • Maintaining an acceptable cumulative grade point average of at least 172.5 or the minimum required by the Law for graduation; whichever is higher
  • Completing a minimum of at least 66% of all attempted cumulative units (whether units count towards degree or not)
  • Successfully completing degree-required coursework within 150% of the normal time frame allotted by the Law School

Course Evaluation

Withdrawal grades of “W” do not confer credit or impact GPA; however, they will count as attempted courses in the SAP calculation. When a student repeats a course, both courses appear on the student's transcript and both grades are averaged into the student's GPA. Both courses will count as attempted courses in the SAP calculation.

Students Who Fail To Earn At Least One Passing Grade In A Given Quarter:

If you fail to earn at least one grade for a quarter, the University must treat you as an unofficial withdrawal and return 50% of the Title IV funds disbursed to you. Grades must be submitted and posted to the University’s Registrar system within 30 days from the last day of the quarter.