10. Appeals

The Law Financial Aid Office will review requests for additional funding. However, given limited resources, in all cases no scholarship funds will be awarded for any type of appeal. If an appeal is approved, the student’s budget (cost of attendance) will be increased as will the sum the student will be permitted to borrow.

Typically, there are two situations in which the Law Financial Aid Office is able to adjust a student’s financial aid decision: acute medical emergency expenses not covered by health insurance that must be paid immediately and dependent care costs.

In these cases, the Law Financial Aid Office adjusts the aid decision because the situation relates directly to the student’s ability to remain enrolled and to complete the degree program.

Those who have emergency medical costs not covered by their current health insurance and who wish to appeal will be required to submit the following items to the Law Financial Aid Office with their request for additional loan funds:

  • a written explanation of the medical emergency and the prescribed treatment;
  • documentation from the health care provider certifying that the prescribed treatment, including all medications, is or was required to continue enrollment at the Law School;
  • documentation of actual costs of the prescribed treatments and/or medications; and
  • documentation showing to what extent these expenses were not covered by health insurance


(Note that it may not always be possible to offer loan assistance to cover all of the relevant costs.)

Students who have dependents for whom they are responsible may appeal for additional assistance to meet day care and child care expenses. The appeal for assistance must include documentation of actual expenses.