Constitutional Law Institute

Created in 2020, the Constitutional Law Institute supports research and scholarship on longstanding constitutional issues as an integral part of the Law School’s scholarly and research mission. The Institute also shares the Law School’s commitment to free speech and intellectual inquiry that is independent of partisan fashions. The Institute will promote rigorous analysis of constitutional issues and then share those ideas more broadly with the general public. The Institute will host events, activities, and visitors throughout the coming years.


A new podcast by the Constitutional Law Institute

Beyond Textualism?

2023 Scalia Lecture at Harvard Law School from William Baude: "Beyond Textualism?"

The Faculty Podcast Experiments

A whole lot can happen when law professors are supplied with podcast equipment—especially when they delve into concepts that are not easy to understand, the political climate is tense, and they know the podcasts will likely be downloaded by tens of thousands of people, including students of all ages and backgrounds.

William Baude

Professor of Law; Faculty Director, Constitutional Law Institute

Libby Seguin

Academic Legal Center Manager, Center on Law and Finance and the Constitutional Law Institute