Dennis Hutchinson Honored for Years of Service Helping Select Rhodes Scholars

Tacy Flint, ’04: Beating Cancer and Becoming a “Rising Star” in Appellate Litigation

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Claudia M. Flores

Report by International Human Rights Clinic, ACLU Reveals Frequent Abuse of Migrant Children by US Customs and Border Protection

A report released today by the University of Chicago Law School’s International Human Rights Clinic and the American Civil Liberties Union’s Border Litigation Project reveals evidence of rampant ch...

Martha C. Nussbaum

When Fear Becomes Hope

It wasn’t the way Martha C. Nussbaum’s work usually began: provoked by an unbidden sense of alarm, unfolding with the sort of restless urgency that preempts sleep and invites unplanned investigatio...

Judith P. Miller

Judith Miller on Mandatory Minimums and Clemency for Client Eugene Haywood

The president and much of Congress say they want criminal justice reform. Now is the time to act.

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