'Your Education as a Learned Professional Does Not End Today'

Lyneir Richardson, ’90: Applying Entrepreneurial Thinking to Urban Neighborhoods

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David Zarfes

Corporate Lab Represents "Innovative Future for Legal Academy"

The impact has been significant: with just under 40 clients serviced per quarter, student teams work on nearly 100 discrete matters per term.

Aziz Z. Huq

Aziz Huq: "When Government Defames"

No judicial remedy exists when a federal official defames someone. This gap in the law isn’t a result of a conscious decision by Congress or federal judges to protect the government’s ability to de...

Dennis J. Hutchinson

Dennis J. Hutchinson on the Dangers of "Crying Wolf" over Neil Gorsuch

The greatest risk to individual freedom now is excessive executive power. And the question for judges is, who can stand up to it and who will simply ratify it? 

Martha C. Nussbaum on the Narcissism of Asking “What Is It to be Human?”

We humans are very self-focused. We tend to think that being human is somehow very special and important, so we ask about that, instead of asking what it means to be an elephant, or a pig, or a bird. This failure of curiosity is part of a large ethical problem.

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