Law School Honors Chief Judge Diane Wood

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Byron Starns, ’69: From the South to the Midwest, a Commitment to Environmental Law

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Law School Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates

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Richard H. McAdams

McAdams makes the case that law, through its ability to communicate information, is often able to induce people to comply regardless of whether there are penalties or whether people think that the ...

Omri Ben-Shahar

The FAA, correctly remembering that its primary role is to regulate safety, not comfort, has been reluctant so far to intervene in the matter and to issue seat-size regulations.

Judith P. Miller

The president and much of Congress say they want criminal justice reform. Now is the time to act.


Online-Only Law School Event
Participating faculty: Thomas J. Miles


Online-Only Law School Event
Participating faculty: Daniel Hemel