Embracing Complexity, Pursuing Justice with the International Human Rights Clinic

Supreme Court and Appellate Clinic Wins Seventh Circuit Appeal

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Daniel R. Fischel

Daniel R. Fischel on the 'Feel-Good Folly of Fossil-Fuel Divestment'

A new study that I and my colleagues at Compass Lexecon are releasing on Tuesday indicates that fossil-fuel divestment could significantly harm an investment portfolio.

Lisa Bernstein

Bernstein Discusses the Theory of the Firm in Reputation Magazine

As lawyers we’re trained to think that everybody on the opposite side is going to act opportunistically and strategically at every turn, and that we’re supposed to constrain them through contracts....

Richard H. McAdams

Review: McAdams Does a 'Beautiful Job,' Uses 'Elegant and Lucid Prose' in 'The Expressive Powers of Law'

McAdams makes the case that law, through its ability to communicate information, is often able to induce people to comply regardless of whether there are penalties or whether people think that the ...


Geoffrey R. Stone on How the Proposed Equal Rights Amendment Affected Roe v Wade and Frontiero v. Richardson

Because of my obligation of confidentiality about what went on behind the scenes during my time as a law clerk, I have never written publicly about this issue, but now that Justice Brennan’s “case histories” are available in the Library of Congress, I am free to do so.

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