Yali Peng, LLM ’17, Wins Rhodes Scholarship

The Journal of Law and Economics’ most recent issue covers topics from jury composition in North Carolina to Black Death pogroms in the Holy Roman Empire.

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Douglas G. Baird

Abebe and Baird Elected to the American Law Institute

The American Law Institute has elected 58 new members who will bring their expertise in several areas of law to ALI’s work of clarifying the law through Restatements, Principles and the Model Penal...

Erica Zunkel

Erica Zunkel: Trump's U.S. Sentencing Commission Nominee is Far Outside Mainstream

The Senate should reject Otis’ nomination because his views on criminal justice and sentencing are far out of the mainstream and are driven by hyperbole and fear, rather than evidence and data.

Amy M. Hermalik

Amy Hermalik on How Chicago's Sign Regulations Impact Small Business

"It should never be hard to understand and follow the law. When it is, no one wins."

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