Judge David Tatel, ’66, Discusses His Long Career During Levi Visiting Jurist Lecture

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Chicago’s Best Ideas: Are Property Rights Really So Good?

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Law School Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates

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Adam Chilton

Professor Adam Chilton and a coauthor won the International Society of Public Law’s 2021 book prize for How Constitutional Rights Matter (Oxford University Press, 2020), a volume that builds on yea...

Randal C. Picker
Professor Randal Picker’s summer antitrust seminar put 24 alumni of different ages and expertise in one virtual classroom. Together they created a vibrant intellectual community.

It was a summer evening and Professor Randal C. Picker, ’85, was presiding over an expansive 95-minute Zoom debate about antitrust policy, the fourth session in a six-week seminar held exclusively ...

Anup Malani

The team’s long-term objective is to be able to inform State officials and citizens of a probable spike in, say, levels of dangerous microbes or effluents, similar to weather and air pollution fore...

"Legislators took a major step in the right direction by passing The Pretrial Fairness Act in 2021 ... But now, state legislators are considering amendments to the Pretrial Fairness Act that would undercut the purpose of the legislation and exacerbate the very issues the Act is meant to address."