University of Chicago Law School Discussion Series on Policing

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One of our institution’s primary focuses of academic research and clinical advocacy has been reforming the police. This has included taking a leading role pushing for police reform within Chicago, documenting racial bias within the criminal justice system, studying how institutions like police unions and municipal insurers can influence police misconduct, and identifying potential changes in legal doctrines that could increase accountability. The goal of this series is to give our faculty the opportunity to share their work and to give our community the chance to discuss how these ideas relate to current efforts to reform policing. 

Professor Emily Buss will moderate events in the series.

Series Schedule:

July 1

Dhammika Dharmapala and Sonja Starr – Social Science Perspectives on Racial Disparities, Policing, and Crime—Introduction by Dean Thomas J. Miles

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July 8

Sharon Fairley and Jonathan Masur – Civilian Control and Discipline of Police, Public and Private

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July 15

Mary Anne Case and Richard McAdams – Police Culture, Training, and Unions

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July 22

Claudia Flores and John Rappaport – Police: Hiring, Certification, and Use of Force Policies

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July 29

Aziz Huq and Alison Siegler – Race, Equal Protection, and Policing

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August 5

Herschella Conyers and John Rappaport – Policing and Substantive Criminal Law: Over-criminalization and Police Defenses

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August 12

Will Baude and Craig Futterman – Civil Lawsuits and Qualified Immunity

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All events in the University of Chicago Law School Discussion Series on Policing will run 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. CST. Events will be presented via Zoom.