Judge David Tatel, ’66, Discusses His Long Career During Levi Visiting Jurist Lecture

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Chicago’s Best Ideas: Are Property Rights Really So Good?

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Judith P. Miller
How the Federal Criminal Justice Clinic’s Fake Stash House Cases Changed a Controversial Charging Practice, Lowered a Discovery Standard, and Saved Clients Hundreds of Years in Prison

Walking into the ceremonial courtroom on the 25th floor of the Everett M. Dirksen US Courthouse on December 14, 2017, Linnet Davis-Stermitz, ’18, knew that the scene before her was exceptional, alt...

Lee Fennell

Because categorization often carries high stakes, it predictably generates strategic jockeying around inclusion and exclusion. These maneuvers can degrade or scramble categories’ informational sign...

Hajin Kim
New Hires Bring Expertise in Criminal Justice, Federalism, Environmental Regulation, and Energy Law

Four new scholars, including a leading expert in criminal law and three rising stars in American federalism, energy law, and environmental regulation, will join the University of Chicago Law School...

"Legislators took a major step in the right direction by passing The Pretrial Fairness Act in 2021 ... But now, state legislators are considering amendments to the Pretrial Fairness Act that would undercut the purpose of the legislation and exacerbate the very issues the Act is meant to address."