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Clinic Helps Secure US Supreme Court Win for Client Claiming Wrongful Placement on No Fly List

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Judith P. Miller
How the Federal Criminal Justice Clinic’s Fake Stash House Cases Changed a Controversial Charging Practice, Lowered a Discovery Standard, and Saved Clients Hundreds of Years in Prison

Walking into the ceremonial courtroom on the 25th floor of the Everett M. Dirksen US Courthouse on December 14, 2017, Linnet Davis-Stermitz, ’18, knew that the scene before her was exceptional, alt...

Mary Anne Case

While plenty of sociological research has suggested that our muted, passive interactions with most strangers in restrooms are governed by strict yet unspoken behavior codes, Mary Anne Case, a profe...

Emily Underwood
Innovation Clinic Students Experience Bay Area Startup Culture During Law School's Inaugural Innovation Trek

When I registered for the Innovation Clinic last autumn, I never imagined that I would end up sitting in the very room in Palo Alto, California, where Google became a company. But in March, there...

Jameel Jaffer talks with Genevieve Lakier, professor of law at the University of Chicago Law School and one of the country’s leading theorists of free speech, about the climate for speech in the United States relating to the war in Israel and Gaza.