Volunteer with the Public Interest Alumni Network

Alumni volunteers serve as a resource for Law School students seeking public interest law opportunities.

There are three areas in which we would appreciate your involvement:

  • Being included in the Public Interest Alumni Directory, which allows students to contact you via email. We are not currently accepting submissions for the Public Interest Alumni Directory. Please watch your email inbox for upcoming invitations. If you have any questions, please contact our Alumni Relations office at alumni@law.uchicago.edu.
  • Speaking with current students about public service through participation on a panel or at a student organization event. To volunteer to present a lunch program please reach out to Susan Curry, Director of Public Interest Law, or a relevant student organization. Lunch programs and panels include:
    • skills programming that focuses on developing the skills necessary for successful career development;
    • informational programming featuring speakers sharing their own career stories, challenges, and successes;
    • and substantive law programming that highlights speeches, lectures, workshops and panel presentations on various topics relevant to a public interest law practice.