Loan Repayment Assistance Program 2018-19 Application

The Law School’s Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP or HPIP) requires an applicant to submit the following three pieces of information:

1. Application Form: The application form must be submitted by December 1, 2018* to ensure funding is available for all 2019 loan payments.

2. Employer Certification (PDF): The employer certification must be submitted directly to the Law School's Financial Aid Office at by an applicant's employer by December 1, 2018*.

REQUIREMENT: When your employer, job title, or salary changes, you must submit a Job/Salary Change Certification (PDF) of that change within 30 days.

3. Loan Documentation: You must provide the following loan documentation:

  • A consolidation account summary after your consolidation is complete identifying the loans included in the consolidation - This is not required if you did not consolidate your loans.
  • A general account summary that identifies all loans included in your IBR payment
  • An IBR plan confirmation
  • Your most recent bill showing your payment date, amount and repayment plan

REQUIREMENT: All loans must be in good standing and in repayment. All required loan payments must be made prior to receiving your funding; your loans must remain in repayment at all times and cannot be in forbearance.


  • A payment history of your 2018 payments (this must include January through at least November).
  • An IBR renewal confirmation (not required for HPIP participants).
  • Your December bill unless your renewal is in January/February/March, then your first bill under your new IBR is needed.  

Loan documentation should be submitted to by December 1, 2018* when available. Any document not available by the deadline should be submitted as soon as it is received.

*Completion of your application by the December 1, 2018 deadline ensures your funding is available in January. Applications submitted and/or completed after this deadline may see a delay in receiving funding. Applications received or completed after January 15, 2019 will be processed and reviewed as time permits and may result in a significant delay in receiving funding. ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE COMPLETE BY MARCH 30, 2019. Any application not completed by this date will be denied and applicants will forfeit any LRAP/HPIP funding for 2019, unless you have received the Committee's approval prior to this deadline.