2L and 3L On-Campus Interviews

On-Campus Interview Program for 2Ls and 3Ls

We are excited to announce the dates for the 2021 2L and 3L Virtual OCI Program: the OCI Program will be held August 3 through August 11, 2021, with a total of seven interview days. Questions about on-campus recruiting may be directed to Melissa Warner at (773) 834-7579 or melissaw1@uchicago.edu.


Interview Dates

  • Week 1 (4 days): August 3 through August 6, 2021
  • Week 2 (3 days): August 9 through August 11, 2021

Interview Format

Interviews will be held virtually for the 2L and 3L OCI program due to ongoing health and safety concerns and related restrictions for on-campus activities. Further details about virtual interviewing will be shared at a later date.


Registration for our 2L and 3L OCI Program will open in April and additional information regarding registration, fees, and policies relating to recruitment will be sent in the Spring.


Contact Melissa Warner at (773) 834-7579 or via e-mail at melissaw1@uchicago.edu.