2L and 3L On-Campus Interviews

On-Campus Interview Program for 2Ls and 3Ls

Second- and third-year J.D. students can be interviewed through our On-Campus Interview (OCI) Program. This program runs over two weeks with a total of seven interview days. Interviews will take place at the completion of our Autumn Quarter, which will allow students to interview without any class conflicts. The 2020 OCI Program will run between December 10 and December 18, 2020 (specific interview dates listed below). Questions about on-campus recruiting may be directed to Melissa Warner at (773) 834-7579 or melissaw1@uchicago.edu.


Interview Dates

  • Week 1 (2 days): December 10 and December 11
  • Week 2 (5 days): December 14 through December 18  

Interview Format

All interviews will be held virtually for the 2L and 3L OCI program due to ongoing health and safety concerns and related restrictions for on-campus activities. We have partnered with Flo Recruit to schedule virtual interviews for all employers who would like that support. Please see below the Flo Recruit Employer Guide for more detailed information about using Flo Recruit. Employers may also elect to use the interview method or platform of their choice (i.e., phone interviews, Zoom, WebEx, etc.). Further details about virtual interviewing will be shared at a later date. Please see below for general tips and expectations for remote interviewing during our OCI program.


Registration for our 2L and 3L OCI Program is now open and will close on Thursday, October 8th. If your organization submitted a schedule request for the August 2020 OCI program, you will not need to re-register. All previously submitted requests have been rolled over in Symplicity to the December OCI session so that you may view and edit an existing schedule request if needed. Employers that did not previously register for OCI are able to submit new schedule requests at this time.


The interview date assignment process will begin following the close of registration. Date assignments are made on a rotating basis. Confirmation of your assigned interview date(s) will be provided in mid-October.


The Law School does not permit pre-screening. Interview schedules are filled through Symplicity's bidding system. You will have access to student resumes after the scheduler has been run. If requested, transcripts will be delivered by students at the time of the interview. If you request a writing sample or cover letter, those will be shared by the student within 24 hours following their interview. Please provide a name and email address where students should send these materials. Interview schedules will be available for review on November 20, 2020.


Interview program fees are as listed below. Considering the move to virtual interviewing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have provided a 20% discount to the 2020 OCI fees given the elimination of certain costs of an in-person interview program.

  1. First Interview Schedule: $1,200
  2. Each Additional Interview Schedule: $800
  3. Interview Schedule for Firms with Fewer Than 75 Attorneys: $600

Government and public service employers are exempt from all fees.

Participants will be invoiced in January. No payment is due at this time.


Registering, online or otherwise, and participating in our 2L and 3L On-Campus Interview Program indicates your agreement to the Law School Policies Relating to Recruitment and Career Services.


Contact Melissa Warner at (773) 834-7579 or via e-mail at melissaw1@uchicago.edu.