Chicago Law Partners

The University of Chicago Law School's Chicago Law Partners (CLP) provides an opportunity to support student-centric programming at the University of Chicago Law School while also increasing your firm's visibility on campus.

These firm-sponsored events and organizations are an integral part of the Law School experience – they help build a strong sense of community, foster collaboration among students, faculty, and staff and offer important enrichment experiences outside the classroom.

The Law School will recognize participating Chicago Law Partners for their support with appropriate signage in the Law School, on the Law School's website, and in event communications. Sponsors may attend select events and interact directly with Law School students. 

Firms may choose to partner with specific student organizations as an annual sponsor.  In doing so, firms do not have advance notice about the programs organized by those student organizations, nor do they have input into the content of programming those student organizations may choose to host throughout the year. These decisions are left to the student organizations and listing a firm as a sponsor should not be construed as either a firm having prior knowledge of, or endorsing, a particular event or program.

For more information about the Chicago Law Partners Program, please contact