Law and Economics Workshop

Workshops at Chicago have been the proving ground for new ideas in law and economics for several decades. They are the place where faculty from Chicago and elsewhere present new ideas and try out their latest papers.

Workshops are at 3:30 PM in Seminar Room F. Copies of most of the workshop papers will be available on this web site approximately one week before the workshop. If you wish to receive an e-mail copy of the workshop paper please contact Norma R. de Yagcier. Questions about the workshop schedule or availability of papers should be directed to Ms. de Yagcier by e-mail at or phone at 773-702-3142.

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2018 Winter Quarter

Jan 9 Alex Raskolnikov –  Columbia Law
Jan 23     David Hoffman  –  Penn (Wachtell)
Feb 6    Jonathan Masur – 2018 Coase Lecture
Feb 20  

2018 Spring Quarter

April 3 Sarath Sanga – Northwestern Law
April 17 Lisa Larimore Ouellette – Stanford Law
May 1 Louis Kaplow – Harvard Law
May 15 Sonja Starr – Michigan Law




Oct 3 A. Mitchell Polinsky - Stanford Law "Subrogation and the Theory of Insurance When Suits Can Be Brought for Losses Suffered"
Oct 17 Chris Blattman - Harris School "Engineering informal institutions: Experimental impacts of alternative   dispute resolution on violence  and property rights in Liberia"
Oct 31 Yehonatan Givati - Hebrew University of Jerusalem  "Preferences for Criminal Justice Error Types: Theory and Evidence"
Nov 14 Kathryn Judge - Columbia Law "Guarantor of Last Resort"
Nov 28 Fernando Gomez - Pampeu Fabra, Barcelona (CSI Fellow) "Formal Contracts Without Courts. Scoring Suppliers To Build Trust"