Fellowships and Awards

Lynde and Harry Bradley Student Fellowships

The Bradley Foundation has generously supplied a fund for a limited number of fellowships designed to support its own academic mission. That mission rests on the presupposition that responsible self government depends not only on intelligent laws, but also on the creation of a civic environment that encourages enlightened citizens to participate in a discussion of controversial issues. Consistent with these ideals, the Foundation also hopes that students will work and study in areas that explore the role of limited government in a legal regime that fosters a dynamic marketplace for economic, intellectual and cultural activity, both in the United States and abroad.     

Year Bradley Student Fellows
2015-16 David Suska
2016-17 Clayton Cromer
2016-17 Lael Weinberger
2017-18 William Soule
2017-18 Eric Wessan
2020-21 Holly Highfil
2020-21 Spencer Oriot

The Ronald H. Coase Prize

This prize was created through gifts from Junjiro Tsubota, a member of the Class of 1967, to honor excellence in the study of law and economics. The award is made by the Dean of the Law School on the basis of recommendations from the editors of the Journal of Law and Economics and the Journal of Legal Studies. The winners of the prize for 2007-8 are David Abrams and Albert H. Yoon.

The Donald M. Ephraim Prize in Law and Economics

The Donald M. Ephraim Prize is a national writing competition for student-authored articles on Law and Economics topics.  The prize will be available annually and will be awarded to the best student paper in Law and Economics in the country, and the winner will be awarded a *$5,000 cash prize and have his or her paper published in The University of Chicago Law Review Online. 

*Starting in 2018-19, the winner will be awarded up to a $10,000 cash prize.
Year  Ephraim Prize Winner(s) Winning Papers
2016 Gregory Buchak
2017 Thomas Collier "The (Economic) Right to Privacy"
2018 Gregory Buchak "Micro-Regulation in the Platform Economy"
2019 Gregory Buchak "Who Wins and Loses on Home Sales Before, During, and After Foreclosure

H. Javier Kordi

"Distributing Deterrence Fairly: A New Rationale for Decoupling Tort Liability"
2020 Hannah Schaffer "Discerning Discretion: Estimating Prosecutor Effects at Criminal Sentencing

Benjamin Pyle

Negligent Hiring, Recidivism, and the Employment of Workers with a Criminal History"

The Donald M. Ephraim Scholars in Law and Economics

In 2016, a 1955 UChicago Law alumni Donald M. Ephraim established the Donald M. Ephraim Scholars in Law and Economics Program Fund to provide annual support for law students to prepare them to participate in the law and economics debates of the future. Students who are selected to participate as an Ephraim Scholar receive funds to support a legal research paper or project and will have access to data resources and training. The award(s) will be up to $5000 annually.

There will be a competitive selection process open to any/all University of Chicago Law School students. In order to be considered, students must submit a proposal and obtain a faculty "sponsor." Please check back in Jan 2023 when the application reopens.

Proposals will be reviewed by a faculty committee selected by the Institute.