Affinity Mentoring Program Mentee Testimonials

Below find testimonials from former mentees of the following mentoring programs: BLSA, LLSA, OutLaw, and Women’s Mentoring Program.

BLSA Testimonials

“I was lucky to have a BLSA Alumni mentor! From the first time I met my mentor, we clicked; apart from discovering that we had a lot of things in common, the BLSA Alumni Chairs put in a lot of hard work to find the right match. She supported me with my 1L job search, interview tips and general wellness advice. She also took time off her very busy schedule at her firm, on multiple occasions, to have coffee with me, invite me to her home for brunch and speak on the phone with me. I can definitely say that having her as a mentor put me on the right path for a successful first year of law school.”

“I had a wonderful mentor. He took time out of his schedule to meet with me and tell me about his 1L experience. It was very useful, and even comforting, to know that someone had gone through everything I was going through and made it out okay. I highly recommend participating in this program!”

“I had an amazing mentor during my 1L year! Outside of BLSA sponsored events, I was able to meet with her and speak candidly about any of my concerns with 1L classes or the job search. It’s easy to get caught up in the academics of 1L year but having a mentor in the legal field always served as a great reminder of why I worked so hard.”

LLSA Testimonials

“I loved having a LLSA mentor. She got coffee with me multiple times throughout the year to share advice on law school and the job search process. When I wanted to meet attorneys from a different practice group at her firm, she put me in touch with two of her colleagues who took me out to breakfast. It was so nice to have a mentor who was invested in my success and happiness as an individual.”

"My LLSA mentor served as a huge source of inspiration during my 1L year. As a Latino partner at a big law firm that cares about giving back, he represents what I hope to one day achieve in my career. In addition, my mentor introduced me to Chicago's legal community. For example, he invited me as a guest of his firm to the city-wide diversity gala. I look forward to our continued mentor-mentee relationship and would strongly advise that incoming students find a dedicated mentor in their 1L year."

OutLaw Testimonials

“I could not have asked for a better mentor. She sat down with me at every step of the 1L and 2L job search, giving me extremely helpful advice on steps to take and things to look for. I think it's fair to say that my Outlaw Mentor gave me tremendous confidence going into 2L and the job search.”

"I had a great experience with the mentorship program. Though we met up to discuss law school, we also got to know each other on a more casual basis. In addition to getting helpful advice on how to handle law school, I had opportunity to hang out with a practicing lawyer.”

Women’s Mentoring Program Testimonials

“My mentor helped me with both school and my job search. She was always willing to have coffee or lunch and chat about my concerns. She also went out of her way to contact her friends and associates when I needed a contact or support.”

“This year, I had a fantastic time getting to know my mentor. She gave me timely guidance during 1L, and was a constant source of support and guidance about classes, the job search, and even personal issues. It was encouraging to know I had someone in my corner who had gotten through law school and was exceedingly successful in her own right... and who was always willing to listen when I had a silly question or needed advice!”