Four New Faculty Join Law School, Bringing Expertise in Federalism, Environmental Regulation, Energy Law, and Criminal Justice

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Jennifer Nou

Jotwell Features Jennifer Nou's "Bureaucratic Resistance from Below" and "Taming the Shallow State"

Post-inauguration, Nou argues that the level of bureaucratic resistance to the Trump administration seems “unprecedented” in its “open defiance” of the President.

Genevieve Lakier

Genevieve Lakier Honored for Article on ‘Low-Value Speech’

Assistant Professor Genevieve Lakier has been awarded the 2016 Harry W. Stonecipher Award for Distinguished Research in Media Law and Policy for her 2015 article, "The Invention of Low-Value Speech...

Tom Ginsburg

Huq and Ginsburg in Vox: "How to Lose a Constitutional Democracy"

Scholars used to argue that democracy, once attained in a fairly wealthy state, would become a permanent fixture. As the late Juan Linz put it, democracy would become “the only game in town.” That ...

Earl B. Dickerson Centennial Conference (NEW DATE)


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Law for the Next Pandemic


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Participating faculty: Daniel Hemel, Jennifer Nou