Report by International Human Rights Clinic, ACLU Reveals Frequent Abuse of Migrant Children by US Customs and Border Protection

Mason Stephenson, ’71: Three Decades of Steering Progress in Atlanta

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Eric Posner

Hemel and Posner Explain How Congress Can Protect Robert Mueller

Under Justice Department regulations, the attorney general can remove Mr. Mueller “for misconduct, dereliction of duty, incapacity, conflict of interest, or for other good cause, including violatio...

Randolph N. Stone

Prof. Randolph Stone and Maya Powe, '17, on Prison Alternatives to Solving Chicago Violence

Do I want to get caught with it or without it? That's the tragic and unfortunate question that some people in Chicago's most hazardous neighborhoods ask themselves.

David A. Strauss

David Strauss Reflects on the Supreme Court Term

"They got in the habit of deciding cases on narrow grounds so that there would be more agreement among themselves, and they seem to have toned down their rhetoric a bit, too."

President Trump

Tom Ginsburg: The President Can Be Indicted, But Not By Who You Think

Thanks to Rudy Giuliani’s report that special prosecutor Robert Mueller told him he couldn’t legally indict President Trump, we are again confronted with a question of constitutional law for which there is no settled answer: Can a sitting president be indicted for criminal activity?

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