The Unexpected Experiment: What the Law School Learned about Remote Learning

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'Please Be Patient, Student Driver': Professor Strahilevitz Welcomes Entering Students as the 2020-2021 Academic Year Begins

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Law School Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates

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Mark N. Templeton

It is a fairly significant test of the ability of states attorney generals to hold corporations accountable for their actions related to climate, with far-reaching consequences for the United State...

Emily Buss
In a Seminar on the Rights of Minors, Law Students Taught Local Youth—and Saw the Law Through a New Lens

Darrius Atkins, ’19, had a question for the four teenagers who were gathered in a University of Chicago Law School seminar room one night last month: did the US Supreme Court get it right when they...

Randal C. Picker

“Google is in the advertising business. That's how it makes its money. It has no obligation to put other people’s ads on its website.”


Online-Only Law School Event


Online-Only Law School Event
Participating faculty: Daniel Hemel, Jennifer Nou