CLF Auction 2018

Conference Begins February 21 with Performance of Euripides' "The Trojan Women"

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Maria Woltjen

Maria Woltjen on the Trump Administration Using Immigrant Children "To Unwittingly Turn in Their Own Parents"

The Trump administration "is essentially using these children to unwittingly turn in their own parents, and this is going to haunt these kids for a very long time."

Daniel R. Fischel

Daniel R. Fischel on the 'Feel-Good Folly of Fossil-Fuel Divestment'

A new study that I and my colleagues at Compass Lexecon are releasing on Tuesday indicates that fossil-fuel divestment could significantly harm an investment portfolio.

Herschella G. Conyers

Clinical Professors Conyers and Stone Receive Kathryn Smith Matkov Award

The Chicago Chapter of the Federal Bar Association last week honored Clinical Professors Herschella Conyers and Randolph Stone, the directors of the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Clinic, with the K...

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Chicago's Best Ideas with Mary Anne Case


Room II
Participating faculty: Mary Anne Case

War in Law & Literature


Participating faculty: Martha C. Nussbaum, Alison L. LaCroix, Jonathan S. Masur, Laura Weinrib, Diane P. Wood, Daniel Hemel, Richard H. McAdams, Jennifer Nou, Douglas G. Baird, John Rappaport, Genevieve Lakier, Aziz Huq, M. Todd Henderson, Nicholas Stephanopoulos, Saul Levmore

Spring Quarter Bidding Results Posted Online