The Cartoonists’ Guide to Law: The D’Angelo Law Library’s New Collection of Illustrated Legal Codes Offers Insight into Statutes and Society

Ann Lousin, ’68: Building a Career from Illinois Constitutional History

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William M. Landes

Posner and Landes: Justices Save the Big Rulings Until the End

June is known as the month for weddings — and for blockbuster U.S. Supreme Court decisions.

John Rappaport

An Overlooked Tool in Police Reform? John Rappaport Examines Impact of Police Liability Insurance

There’s a largely overlooked but potentially powerful tool in police reform, according to ongoing research by University of Chicago Law School Assistant Professor John Rappaport. It is municipal li...

Anthony J. Casey

Finding Meaning in Rules and Standards

Through the lens of law and economics, legal scholars have extracted useful meaning from the rules-and-standards debate—a discussion that has long divided those who practice and study law, Anthony ...

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