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Inaugural Donald M. Ephraim Prize in Law and Economics Awarded to Megan T. Stevenson

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Omri Ben-Shahar
The rise of Big Data could give us tools to create different rules for different people. In a new book, Professors Omri Ben-Shahar and Ariel Porat argue that personalized law might make us more equal.

Right now, posted speed limits apply to all drivers, regardless of individual experience and skill. In the United States, the wealthy and the poor pay the same parking fines, even though a $100 pen...

Anup Malani

The team’s long-term objective is to be able to inform State officials and citizens of a probable spike in, say, levels of dangerous microbes or effluents, similar to weather and air pollution fore...

Dennis J. Hutchinson

The Rhodes Trust, the organization that bestows the prestigious Rhodes Scholarships, will present Senior Lecturer Dennis J. Hutchinson with the George Parkin Service Award, which recognizes outs...



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