The Law School Stories You (Probably) Haven't Heard

Lyneir Richardson, ’90: Applying Entrepreneurial Thinking to Urban Neighborhoods

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Martha C. Nussbaum

When Fear Becomes Hope

It wasn’t the way Martha C. Nussbaum’s work usually began: provoked by an unbidden sense of alarm, unfolding with the sort of restless urgency that preempts sleep and invites unplanned investigatio...

Justin Driver

Justin Driver: Just How Rightward-Leaning was the Burger Supreme Court?

As the Supreme Court’s ninth seat has now sat unoccupied for roughly four months since Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, contemplating the possibilities that appear on the judicial horizon has seldom...

Randolph N. Stone

Prof. Randolph Stone and Maya Powe, '17, on Prison Alternatives to Solving Chicago Violence

Do I want to get caught with it or without it? That's the tragic and unfortunate question that some people in Chicago's most hazardous neighborhoods ask themselves.

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