Report by International Human Rights Clinic, ACLU Reveals Frequent Abuse of Migrant Children by US Customs and Border Protection

Four Questions with Amiri Lampley, '20

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Mark N. Templeton

Mark Templeton on the Showdown Between Exxon And State AGs

It is a fairly significant test of the ability of states attorney generals to hold corporations accountable for their actions related to climate, with far-reaching consequences for the United State...

Julie A. Roin

Julie A. Roin on the New Illinois Budget

The budget will serve as a short-term fix to a much deeper problem.

President Trump

Tom Ginsburg: The President Can Be Indicted, But Not By Who You Think

Thanks to Rudy Giuliani’s report that special prosecutor Robert Mueller told him he couldn’t legally indict President Trump, we are again confronted with a question of constitutional law for which there is no settled answer: Can a sitting president be indicted for criminal activity?

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