The Camaraderie and Competition of the Hinton Moot Court

My Chicago Law Moment: How the Law School Helped Jim Parsons, ’77, Prepare for Careers in Law and Philanthropy

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John Rappaport

An Overlooked Tool in Police Reform? John Rappaport Examines Impact of Police Liability Insurance

There’s a largely overlooked but potentially powerful tool in police reform, according to ongoing research by University of Chicago Law School Assistant Professor John Rappaport. It is municipal li...

Amy M. Hermalik

Amy Hermalik on How Chicago's Sign Regulations Impact Small Business

"It should never be hard to understand and follow the law. When it is, no one wins."

Mark N. Templeton

Mark Templeton on the Showdown Between Exxon And State AGs

It is a fairly significant test of the ability of states attorney generals to hold corporations accountable for their actions related to climate, with far-reaching consequences for the United State...

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