Diversity, Collaboration, and Guiding Principles on the World Court

Four Questions with Amiri Lampley, '20

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David A. Strauss

David Strauss Reflects on the Supreme Court Term

"They got in the habit of deciding cases on narrow grounds so that there would be more agreement among themselves, and they seem to have toned down their rhetoric a bit, too."

Anup Malani

Anup Malani Describes New System to Map Pollution in India's Second-Longest River

The team’s long-term objective is to be able to inform State officials and citizens of a probable spike in, say, levels of dangerous microbes or effluents, similar to weather and air pollution fore...


Coalition Including Mandel Clinic Issues 10-Point Plan for Chicago Police Reforms

A coalition of civil rights organizations suing the city of Chicago issued a 10-point plan Tuesday calling for changes to halt what it describes as the Chicago Police Department’s “ongoing pattern and practice of unchecked violence, racism and bias.’’

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