Throwback Thursday

Illustration of the Law School
Law School history

Fragments of the Law

How a 1997 Student Lecture Series Mixed Wit, Wisdom, and the UChicago Way

Clip of Marian Coase's lecture
Law School history

Through the Eyes of a Nobel Laureate’s Wife

A Small Piece of the New Ronald Coase Papers Offers an Up-Close View of a Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

book cover
Law School history

For the Shame of Rose of Aberlone

Remembering the Rhymes of Brainerd Currie

Law School history

'It Was All Around Us'

The Law School during the McCarthy Era

Zeisel & Hepburn
Law School history

Zeisel & Hepburn

A Tale of Lavender Water, Shakespeare, and Capital Punishment

A Struggle That Will Succeed
Law School history LGBTQ rights

'A Struggle That Will Succeed'

How the Law School Community Helped Advance Gay Rights

Law School history

Sophonisba in Love

A Law School Pioneer and the Women Who Vied for Her Affection

Law School history

Memories of Nuremberg

'A Lawyer's Dream and a Humanist's Nightmare'