Stone, LaCroix, Baude, and Hutchinson on the Future of SCOTUS After Gorsuch's Nominaton

Law School Experts Consider Future of SCOTUS After Gorsuch's Nominaton

On Monday, February 20, professors Geoffrey Stone, Alison LaCroix, and William Baude from the Law School sat down with professor Dennis Hutchinson from the College to discuss the future balance of the Supreme Court under the Trump administration. The event took place at the Law School and was co-hosted by the Institute of Politics.

In light of Neil Gorsuch’s pending nomination to the highest bench of the land, speakers weighed in on a range of issues including Gorsuch’s judicial style, the future ideological leaning of the Court, and the political implications of this nomination for the country.

Stone began his remarks by stating that Gorsuch should not be confirmed to the bench. He explained that had Justice Scalia passed away this February and President Trump nominated Gorsuch to fill that vacancy now, he would have supported the confirmation. Stone said that while he personally disagrees with Gorsuch’s judicial record, the latter is “clearly qualified and clearly ethical,” and would have been an appropriate choice for “a very conservative president to replace a very conservative justice.”

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