Daily Beast Discusses Ruling by Judges Easterbrook and Wood on Prisoners' Medical Care

U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago Weighs In on Hemorrhoids

After weighing in on President Obama’s health-care legislation, campaign finance, immigration, and religious liberty, the federal judiciary has finally gotten around to hemorrhoids.

Indeed, it’s fallen to the chief judge of the Chicago-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit to opine on “golf-ball-size hemorrhoids” apparently afflicting a prison inmate and thus to slap down a lower-court colleague for being distinctly insensitive to the inmate’s apparent painful plight.

The chief judge is Frank Easterbrook, who is from the same law and economics school at the University of Chicago as Richard Posner, his higher-profile colleague who may be the most influential judge outside the Supreme Court. They’re both powerful intellects of a conservative stripe picked by President Ronald Reagan. Both remain on the University of Chicago Law School faculty.

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