After Graduation


For information about email options for alumni, please visit the IT Services site.


Please remember to return all parking passes to the Transportation and Parking Office, located on the south side of the parking structure at 55th & Ellis, before departing Chicago. 

Law School Access

All recent graduates can continue to use the Law School Library to study all summer. Your ID card will be automatically deactivated for Law School access by the University upon graduation. To enter, students should come to the front doors of the Law School to be buzzed in by the reception desk.

Graduates can obtain an alumni ID card at the Regenstein Library ID & Privileges Office that can be programmed for summer access. This card is free of charge.


All graduating student lockers must be cleaned out by June 9If you would like to request a locker extension, please fill out a locker extension request no later than 5:00 PM on May 26. Students with locker use extension may continue to use their lockers until August 4. All personal items left in lockers after August 4 will be disposed. 

Campus Internet Access

Graduating students have a one-quarter grace period for access to the campus network. During this time, you may connect to the campus wifi.

Law School Printing

Remaining print credits will stay active for graduating students until July 31. Any positive quota balance, whether part of the original printing credit OR the result of adding a pre-paid print card, will EXPIRE on July 31 of any academic year.  ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS will be issued for any positive print quota balance remaining at the end of any academic year.

Student Health Coverage

For information regarding student health insurance, please visit:

Access to Athletic Centers

The Athletic Center offers recent graduates (up to 3 months) the Non-Registered Student rate, and after 3 months students would fall under the Alumni rates. Graduating students will need to email Jacquie Vinje ( or fill out a Membership Interest Form so that your membership eligibility is updated accordingly. For a full list of prices please visit the membership price page.