After Graduation


Alumni E-mail addresses ( forwarding addresses) are no longer being offered. ITS xMail email accounts will be closed two quarters after graduation, but the email address remains valid if it is forwarded to an off-campus email provider (e.g. gmail, yahoo). Please note that graduates only will be able to receive messages directed to an @uchicago address, and graduates will not have the ability to send from it. To forward a email address, visit the xMail forwarding page:

Law School Access

Law School access coded onto graduates' student ID cards will be deactivated on the day of graduation by the University.  Graduates can obtain an alumni ID card at the Regenstein Library ID & Privileges Office that can be programmed for summer access to the Law School for a fee.


Please remember to return all parking passes to the Transportation and Parking Office, located on the south side of the parking structure at 55th & Ellis, before departing Chicago.  Parking passes are only good through June 30, 2017.


All graduating students' lockers must be cleaned out by Monday, June 12However, students remaining in Chicago to study for the bar exam may keep their lockers until July 31. Graduates planning to remain in Chicago must fill out this form by Friday, June 2. 

Health Coverage

Graduates should consider two issues relating to health coverage:

1. Insurance
2. The Student Life Fee


Graduates who paid for USHIP coverage for all three quarters this academic year (Autumn/Winter/Spring), and who have not lost eligibility (e.g., restricted status, leave of absence, etc), will be covered through the summer at no additional cost until August 31. These graduates do not have to do anything - this is automatic.

Graduates or a dependent who started on the plan after Autumn Quarter will be billed a Summer Quarter premium installment. The current U-SHIP plan year runs from September 1, 2016 through August 31, 2017.

Graduating students with specific questions about their insurance coverage through August 31 should contact:

On Campus Insurance Coordinators, United Healthcare Student Resources
phone: (773) 834-4543 (Press Option #2)/ fax: (773) 753-4544

Student Life Fee

Graduating students' decision about whether or not to pay the Summer Student Life Fee depends on where they will be this summer.

For students staying in Chicago this summer:

United Healthcare offers a national network of preferred providers. However, referrals are required from Student Health Service and Student Counseling Service for outpatient specialist visits and other services, unless a graduate is living more than 50 miles from campus (see the U-SHIP Policy Guide for other exceptions to requirements for SHCS referrals).  Expenses incurred for outpatient physician visits, consultations, mental health visits, and other services for which no prior approval or referral has been obtained from SHCS will be subject to an additional $50 charge per service.

The Law School highly recommends paying the Summer Student Life Fee to those graduating students who plan on using medical and/or mental health services this summer and who will be within 100 miles of the University, as this gives students full access to Student Health Service and Student Counseling Service.  Graduating students who do not pay the Student Life Fee and have to see a doctor will be responsible for any charges billed by an in-network primary care provider, in addition to any $50 non-referral charge(s) if additional tests, services or consultations are required.

For more information on the Summer Student Life Fee, go to  

Note: U-SHIP covers students for visits to emergency rooms (here and elsewhere) and visits to specialists if the referral was made prior to the end of Spring Quarter (Only one referral is required per condition for the duration of the time that the student is enrolled in U-SHIP; graduating studentst who purchase the Summer Student Life Fee are eligible to receive new referrals at SHCS, if needed, to enable them to access additional specialist services). For assistance in determining if symptoms qualify as an emergency, contact the 24-hour Nurse Advice Line at 773-702-1915.

For additional information on insurance coverage, please go to:

For students leaving Chicago this summer:

Those graduating students leaving Chicago do not need to pay this Student Life Fee because in those instances U-SHIP functions like regular insurance where a deductible is paid and the plan covers the balance consistent with the insurance coverage. For additional information on insurance coverage, please go to:

Insurance After August 31st:

Coverage for the 2016-2017 plan year will conclude on August 31, 2017. Students enrolled in U-SHIP who either become ineligible for coverage, or whose coverage terminates at the end of the plan year, may purchase continuation coverage for up to 3 months of additional insurance coverage. Continuation coverage is available directly through United Healthcare Student Resources, the insurance carrier for U-SHIP; premiums are paid directly to United Healthcare and must be received within 31 days of the termination date of coverage. 

Graduating students should see or contact United Healthcare Student Resources at for more information about how to extend health care coverage for themselves or their dependents. 

Post-graduation coverage for alumni is also available from Meyer and Associates.  Meyer's information is available online at  Because Meyer affiliates with many Universities, participants can get a group rate that may make the premiums lower than they would be for individual health plans.  Group plans also are available through the ABA and other law-related organizations.  These plans have no relationship to the University's U-SHIP insurance.  The Law School does not endorse any of these plans.