The Law School’s faculty includes top experts on policing, criminal justice, and race and the law. Through their research, they have examined and developed key insights on use-of-force policies, accountability and oversight systems, the doctrine of qualified immunity, the ways in which police unions and municipal insurers can influence police misconduct, and more. Clinical faculty members have worked on groundbreaking litigation exposing racial bias in policing, improving legal standards for people seeking discovery about racial discrimination by police, protecting police misconduct records from destruction, and more.

On this page, you can read about some of the faculty's latest work on issues related to policing, and see videos of Law School events, including a 2020 virtual conference, "The Crisis in Policing," and watch in-depth discussions from a seven-part summer 2020 series.

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Big data Policing
Researchers from multiple universities to study early-warning signs of officer misbehavior, interventions that impact conduct, and policies and procedures to head off problems
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